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22nd June 2021 
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About me

I have been an independent practitioner since 1989 and am highly qualified and experienced. My qualifications include a Diploma in Counselling (Gestalt, the Body and the Spiritual) and an MSc in Applied Social Studies.

Ethical practice is of utmost importance to me and I am accredited by UKAHPP (United Kingdom Association of Humanistic Psychology Practitioners). I have worked on their behalf in a voluntary capacity for a number of years on various committees including as a Director on the Board of Directors. UKAHPP has exemplary standards of ethics and professional practice, to which I adhere. These are supported by procedures including ethical review, mediation for dispute resolution and a complaints procedure.

ACCREDITATION is a stringent process by which an organisation assesses applicants as to their fitness to practise under a certain title. I have been accredited as a counsellor/Gestalt Therapist since 2000, with five-yearly checking processing of re-accreditation. Since November 2012 I have been accredited as a Gestalt psychotherapist through an assessment process based on my knowledge and skills acquired through experience.

This means that my work may be defined as psychotherapy, in view of the depth and range of difficult issues I am able to help my clients with. This is facilitated by my sensitivity and ability to relate deeply to the people who engage with me.

My working background includes 17 years as a Probation Officer and substantial experience training in Higher Education, mainly within counselling degrees and diplomas. I offer my services as an independent trainer; please CLICK HERE for more information.

I have more recently added a new professional skill - that of Funeral Celebrant. This feels like a natural extension to my engaging with people who have suffered bereavement, and combines a way of celebrating the life of the deceased person in a way which is respectful of their philisophy of life. Please CLICK HERE for details of this service.

I maintain myself physically, emotionally and spiritually, by practising yoga and other forms of fitness training, and meditation. I undertake my own personal psychotherapy, receive clinical supervision and continue to develop professionally through workshops and training.

My deep respect for diversity of culture and individuality manifests in my work with, for instance, intercultural therapy and gay affirmative therapy. It is also central to my role as a Funeral Celebrant, where fine attention is paid to meanings, especially within the ritual of the celebration of a life. My aim is to support you in your life choices, within the existential reality of your world.

Some people make profound changes in their situations, for instance moving to a more satisfying job or location, or by finding new joy and love with their significant others. Others find success by leaving an abusive or cold relationship, or simply come to terms with a loss, accepting what things can change and what can be better accepted.

The consequences of engaging in therapy can be summed up as building self-esteem - a huge factor for most of us. Learning life-affirming messages to the self rather than undermining one's own psyche can have profound effects on living.